Place Orders and Pay Online

The Shopatron shopping service makes it easy to find and purchase the special products you need. When you order and pay online, our intelligent system starts working to ensure rapid delivery. Shopatron currently accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Sales Tax

Tax may be applied to your order if it ships from the same state or province as your shipping address. We don't know the exact amount of tax until your order ships, due to the unique nature of the Shopatron service. For this reason, the order total in your confirmation email may not reflect the exact amount of this tax. Sales tax may be applied to shipping and handling charges.

Telephone, Postal Mail, Fax, or Email Orders

Telephone, postal mail, Fax, and email orders are not accepted.

If you cannot use our convenient online shopping catalog, you may be using an outdated browser. To view content and place orders on our Web site, we recommend that you use the most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Firefox, or Safari.

Shopatron does not accept credit card numbers delivered by email. You should not ever send credit card numbers by email, as it is not a secure practice.

COD Orders

COD orders are not accepted.

Preferred Shipping Method

To get your order to you as quickly as possible, we may need to split it into multiple shipments. A nominal additional shipping fee may be applied to a split package.

Shipping and Handling Charges

Ducati uses multiple shipping rules to determine shipping and handling charges. The shipping rules are listed below. Please see your shopping cart for an estimate of the exact shipping charges pertaining to your order.

  • Minimum Charge of USD$ 0.00
  • Shopatron Standard Tiered: Shipping Charges are USD$ 5.49 up to 19.98, USD$ 5.99 over 19.98 up to 49.98, USD$ 7.99 over 49.98 up to 99.98, USD$ 9.99 over 99.98 up to 199.98, USD$ 0.00 plus 10 % over 199.98 up to 298.99, USD$ 0.00 plus 8 % over 298.99 Minimum Charge of USD$ 5.49
  • Helmet Shipping: Shipping Charges are USD$ 19.99 Minimum Charge of USD$ 19.99

In the unlikely event that shipping charges are higher than estimated, you will be notified by email before the charges are made to your credit card.

We reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time.